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Name:Isa, previously Saix but now he'd be angry if somebody called him that Canon: Kingdom Hearts AU: Power AU, non Sora AU/Riku AU

Pull-point: From his latest lesson with his Master, Ventus. Many years after hypothetical AU! KH 3

Power Opt-in post link: N/A

Content Opt-out post link: N/A, I... think? I'll think about it.

Looks circa thirty one or two years old, is physically and mentally that age, though he was born sixty years ago. (Realm travel.)

Gender/Sex: Male.

Appearance: Rather high, let me check: ; long blue hair & green eyes (previously yellow)

In this alternate history, Isa is a clairvoyant. For him, the title Luna Diviner is more meaningful than it might be for his canon counterpart. He's always been one. Just pieces and glimpses, as much as the moonlight would show him on the nights of the full moon. And so, when the Radiant Garden fell, Saïx became a member of the Organisation XIII, but Lea never lost his Heart. Thanks to Isa's visions and actions.

Because of Isa's ability, Xehanort was immediately interested in making him his vessel. But after four years of Isa/Saix was 'kidnapped' by Lea, now Keyblade wielder, student of Mickey. They were on a run, Isa and Lea that is, but Lea had no idea of Xehanort's Heart piece and of the fact that Isa had been marked and Xemnas could find him wherever he wished.

And Isa had no idea, but he had glimples - so one day, he ran away from his 'kidnapper, the day that he saw glimpses of Xehanort taking over him a bit more forcefully and finally realized that 1. he had a regrowing Heart, and 2. it wasn't fully his own.

Anyway, more things happened, mostly canon compliant things if you take Sora out of the picture because in this timeline, Sora drowned accidently when he was eleven years old, unfortunately. And so, it was Riku who had to be Keyblade's chosen one.

Isa finally broke free after Xehanort in his body took Lea's Heart with a Keyblade and then changed Lea's Nobody into a Dusk and sent them both to Dark Realm so that nobody awakened Isa again. That was too much, and Isa finally managed to mostly fight off the piece of Xehanort in his Heart. But as he didn't know about recompletion possibilities, not quite, he despaired. He didn't think he'd ever have a complete Heart again. And he didn't think Lea would ever truly exist again. And so, he let Darkness overtake him and became a Heartless, without even a Nobody, as his will was too weak at the moment. Xiruk, Riku's Nobody, defeated the Nobody so that Isa would be whole again.

Namine made sure that Darkness didn't overtake Isa again - by planting in him false memories of Lea, for a few years. And then, when Isa's Heart was strong enough, she was also the one who told Isa the truth.

And then Isa went to Dark Realm - for thirty one years according to others, but time flows differently there. He doesn't know whether he found and defeated the Heartless or whether one of the others did, but he does know that he found Lea's Dusk and cut him down to finish recompletion. So he considers his debt in Lea paid in full and supposes now can finally really be friends, as much as he now dislikes the word (Xemnas overused it in creepy meanings). Isa's not a Keyblade Master yet, but he plans to take an exam soon. He's Ven's student.

Here's for canon Saïx: http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Sa%C3%AFx

Isa can be sarcastic, bitter, and manipulative, but he's been working on fighting that for the last few years, and so he's now a bit kinder than canon Saix. Still, it's better not to aggravate him, unless one's ready for a fight, potentially with a Berserker at that.

Isa is also very goal-driven, especially when he's thrown into circumstances that overwhelm him. That will probably show in his beginnings in this new unknown world. He's likely to latch onto any purpose that may mean he might be getting closer to either getting home or at least understanding what's going on.

He's also very possessive of whoever he considers a friend, even moreso than in canon. So making him jelous isn't the best idea - and it's a very easy thing to achieve. Especially now that there's mostly Darkness in his Heart, and very little actual Light. On the plus side of his possessiveness, Isa's a very loyal friend - if not one prone to coddling. Because people he truly likes are even less likely to be coddled by him than anybody else is, and let's just say he's not one to be needlessly nice to strangers.


Clairvoyance: brief glimpses, sounds, or feelings of future events, but that one can be considered sealed already as he's unlikely to even try to use it for now, unless under very, very extreme duress.

Claymore: his magical weapon that he can summon and fight with Keyblades: his own (he might try to use it, so I'll write more details if it is possible to use, but well, it's a magical/metaphysical weapon connected to Hearts, that can seal Hearts, defeat Heartless and Nobodies, open and close anything/everything etc.) and Xehanort's (if he ever try to use it... just assume he's not himself anymore)

Berserk: Is it alright if I quote from wiki? If not, let me know, and I'll write it myself.

From wiki: his true danger is his "Berserk" form, which uses the power of the moon. A "Berserk" gauge in the top of the screen measures how close he is to becoming berserk. When it fills, Saïx's Lunatic Claymore shifts shape and produces a white aura which serves as extra blades. Saïx himself grows bestial, with glowing eyes, manic hair, and bared fangs. His strength and speed increase greatly, and he will rapidly slam his Claymore into the ground, producing shockwaves. When he swings or throws the Claymore, it will leave a wake of blue flames.

Inventory: His Wayfinder: sort of charm that can also connect Hearts (think of it as our soul connection equivalent, it's 'heart' in metaphysical meaning), though it most likely won't work here. It's not shaped like a star like most Wayfinders, but like a moon, though it can be confused for a star shape because of the flames around the moon. It's the colour of the moon.

Anything else: Nothing else needed, hopefully?


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